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RounGe Special Design Nail
RounGe Special Design Nail
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RounGe SGC Nail Salon Tokyo
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There are no additional fees.
Our leading design and presentation power
Free-of-charge repair for 1 week
Guarantee of 'Peace of Mind and Safety'
Complete refund in case you are not satisfied
High-level technique, service,presentation of our staff




Free for soal off by other shop./他店様オフ料金込
Commit Price
Point Service
RounGe Special Design Nail

※ Not GST-registered company. All prices are nett.



2015年12月31日(木)、2016年1月1日(金)の2日間お休みとさせて頂きます。   1月2日(土)より通常営業となります。 皆様には、ご迷惑おかけ致しますが何卒宜しくお願い申し上げます。

RounGe上海店10月15日NEW OPEN!!





RounGe official Facebook
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RounGe creative director Mayu Blog
RounGe creative director Mayu Blog


Characteristics of Nail Salon RounGe & RounGe GEL Nail

RounGe has 9 domestic salons and one salon in Singapore.
Also, our New York salon opened on December 2013. We are currently planning to open several more salons.

We have about 100 technical employees working full time, and about 5,000 clients visit our salons per month.
RounGe is the top or the second most popular salon in Tokyo, and many entertainers, models, and other entertainment-related people visit our salons.
There are over 40,000 types of nail art and design. Any design will be provided at an all-inclusive fee without additional charges.
The nails will last from 3 weeks to about a month (depending on the individual).
We can create vivid colors and gloss which can never be achieved by Polish and Gelish nails.

We recommend Gel Nail to those customers who have thin nails to strengthen them, and nails can be attached without sanding for those customers who do not want their nails scraped.Of course, our Gel Nails are the latest Japanese products imported from Tokyo.
The professional quality gel nail reduces nail damages to a minimum.
Enjoy the naturally finished, splendid nail designs.


RounGe has a policy to have all the customer who visit our salon
"enjoy themselves". When people enjoy themselves, they will smile. Smile brings out the beauty inside of people. RounGe thinks that "beauty" overflows from the inside and outside of a person. We'll create your outward beauty with our special technique and your inside beauty through the delightful time you spend with us. "I want to meet RounGe staff!" "I want to talk to RounGe staff!" We are thinking of our customers everyday so that they can feel like that. RounGe staff themselves need to first enjoy their lifestyle so that customers can also enjoy. That is why RounGe staff always greet our customers cheerfully with smiles.


The Singapore Salon has been opened with Mina Sakai as its director. She is most frequently chosen by customers in Nail & Eyelush RounGe, which has a total of about 100 nailists/eyelists in its 10 salons in Japan.It is the unique Sculpture Nail and Gel that makes NailRounGe popular with many clients including entertainers, models, and other entertainment-related people in Japan.
We are continuously upgrading the state-of-the-art nail products from Japan unmatched by Gelish and Polish nails.We are eagerly waiting for your visit with the designs, techniques, and consulting abilities equal to those in Tokyo.You will be freed from disappointment at not getting your favorite design done. Moreover, we will create nail designs to satisfy your every need.Please do not hesitate to visit our salons and to have fun.


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