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from RounGe Number-one design&presentation power

In the hope that we can offer our completely original nails&eyelashes that best suit each of our customers,
we will make the following promises to our customers.

Original colors from RounGe include about 300 colors for SCULP, and about 400 colors for Cal and Bio. In accordancewith the seasons and the trend at the time, new colors are released every 3 months.
Our staff, expertly trained on techinque and service with the RounGe original educational program, will perform the procedures. They will provide designs and procedures best suited for customers.
RounGe adopts an original sanitary standard to provide a peace of mind and safety to our customers. The cosmetics and procedure tools are sterilized and disinfected after every procedure, and everything even including sofa seats and remote controls is also cleaned and disinfected every time.Also, with regard to tools for the nails, we thoroughly enforce using disposable files (surfboard-shaped tools to trim down the nails) only once per customer and discarding them.

[Japanese only]

Characteristics of Nail Salon RounGe & RounGe GEL Nail

RounGe has 9 domestic salons and one salon in Singapore.
Also, our New York salon opened on December 2013. We are currently planning to open several more salons.

We have about 100 technical employees working full time, and about 5,000 clients visit our salons per month.
RounGe is the top or the second most popular salon in Tokyo, and many entertainers, models, and other entertainment-related people visit our salons.
There are over 40,000 types of nail art and design. Any design will be provided at an all-inclusive fee without additional charges.
The nails will last from 3 weeks to about a month (depending on the individual).
We can create vivid colors and gloss which can never be achieved by Polish and Gelish nails.

We recommend Gel Nail to those customers who have thin nails to strengthen them, and nails can be attached without sanding for those customers who do not want their nails scraped.Of course, our Gel Nails are the latest Japanese products imported from Tokyo.
The professional quality gel nail reduces nail damages to a minimum.
Enjoy the naturally finished, splendid nail designs.

RounGe Beauty director's

RounGe has a policy to have all the customer who visit our salon
"enjoy themselves". When people enjoy themselves, they will smile. Smile brings out the beauty inside of people. RounGe thinks that "beauty" overflows from the inside and outside of a person. We'll create your outward beauty with our special technique and your inside beauty through the delightful time you spend with us. "I want to meet RounGe staff!" "I want to talk to RounGe staff!" We are thinking of our customers everyday so that they can feel like that. RounGe staff themselves need to first enjoy their lifestyle so that customers can also enjoy. That is why RounGe staff always greet our customers cheerfully with smiles.

NEW YORK Beauty director MIDORI

The New York salon opened its doors with Midori Honma as its Beauty director, who is known to have the best techniques in all of 9 domestic Nail & Eyelash RounGe salons and the Singapore salon with a total of about 100 nailist and eyelist. It is the unique Sculpture Nail and Gel that makes NailRounGe popular with many clients including entertainers, models, and other entertainment-related people in Japan. We are continuously upgrading the state-of-the-art nail products from Japan unmatched by Gelish and Polish nails. We are eagerly waiting for your visit with the designs, techniques, and consulting abilities equal to those in Tokyo. You will be freed from disappointment at not getting your favorite design done. Moreover, we will create nail designs to satisfy your every need. Please do not hesitate to visit our salons and to have fun.



201 East 23rd Street 2nd Floor New York, NY 10010-3989




Nail Technicians Wanted in NYC! RounGe has 9 salons in Japan and one salon in Singapore other than NYC. All RounGe is under direct management, so we can keep you updated on trend, different nail-art designs for each season, and techniques directly imported from fashion mecca Tokyo. The talented and highly trained staff at RounGe achieves an unmatched levels of customer service with great proposal. Be part of us!Get a head stard on techniques and trend! Must have working visa and NY nail license. Number of Work days and work hours are negotiable. Some of our technicians only work one or twice a week. Some are working moms? We are able to offer equally or more attractive salary, working conditions, etc., compared with your previous occupation. (with exceptions) Please do not hesitate to apply if you are interested!


シーズンやトレンドに敏感な東京を中心に展開するRounGeは、全店舗が直営店なので 技術や接客、提案力に定評があります。 最先端の技術が習得でき、毎月かわるデザインに対応する技術を沢山勉強できます。
New York店では新しい仲間を募集致します。週に1 から2回の出勤ネイリストも在籍しています。 お子様をお持ちのネイリストも在籍しております。ビザ、ライセンス保持者。就業日数、時間は応相談。給与、条件等は、前職以上でのご待遇も可能です。


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